Embrace the contemplative practice of foraging for natural earth pigments in your local landscape


and create

artist-grade paints by hand


A simple, three-step curriculum containing everything you need to know to begin your pigment work


01/ Welcome your inner aspiring geologist for a detailed
      introduction to earth pigments

02/ Make note of what to look for and what to pass up when
      foraging for rocks and soils

03/ Learn how to assess your local landscape for prime paint
      making pigments & come alone as I visit one of my favorite
      Colorado pigment sites to forage a beautiful red clay


Module 1

01/ Bring your new collection of rocks & soils indoors and get     
      ready to turn them into refined, artist-grade pigment powder

02/ Learn how to make pigments from rocks and stones using a
      mortar and pestle

03/ Learn how to make pigments from soil and clay using a water
      levigation process 


Module 2

01/ Set up your paint-making studio and learn the exact process
      for making artist-grade earth pigment paints that will enliven
      your paintings


Module 3


For a limited time only, I have the honor of collaborating with artist & pigment worker, Lauren Sauder

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The gentle art of pigment work


I first began working with pigments during lock-down mid-2020. My desire to be creative in a unique way sparked the inspiration. And the need to be outdoors in a purposeful way during such a challenging time, sustained it. 

But what quickly took over can only be described as a remembering. Perhaps it was an echo of a childhood spent digging in the dirt and smelling the earth. Or maybe it was a more ancient memory... a human memory of heart-communication and co-laboration (working with) the natural world. 

The depth of earth's colors, the richness of diversity from one landscape to another is deeply evocative once we start to pay attention.

What is color after all? If not both a melody, a perfume that reaches out to tickle the soul from the mysterious beyond?

I found the practice of looking for rocks, and stained my hands with the earth, deeply grounding. During those long (and often very cold) afternoons, life felt more expansive, less personal, and deeply present.

And then returning indoors, shepherding the bounty, I turned earth into a medium for my most heart-felt self-expression: oil paint. What richness!

I have come to believe that pigment work is our human birthright. For endless inspiring information about our human history with pigments, please read about Heidi Gustafson's profound work


What are pigments?

Pigment is technically defined as: a coloring material that, unlike dyes, does not dissolve in water, but can be mixed with oils and other substances to create paint.

What are earth pigments?

I love the following definition of earth pigments, which is from a wonderful article on “Earth pigments are, in their simplest form, soil that lacks organic matter (such as plants), and is composed of mixtures of minerals, some of which confers color to the mixture.”

Humans have been using earth pigments for 30,000 years.

How can we make paint from pigment powder?

The highest grades of oil paint are actually made only with pure pigment powder and a standing oil, such as lindseed or walnut oil. So once we have our refined artist-grade pigment powder, all we need to do is add oil to mull it into paint consistency.

The same thing goes for acrylic paints and watercolors. Simply substitute oil for the appropriate binder and the rest of the process is the same.


What is the format of this course?

The course is 100% digital and includes a mix of video tutorials & downloadable PDF files. So all you'll need is internet access & your recommended art supplies.

When can I start?

This course officially opens on Monday, November 22. All course materials will be available then!


How long will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you can sign back into your account for a lifetime.


What will supplies will I need?

Have no fear! It's all written up for you in a beautiful supplementary resource guide. That will pop into your inbox as soon as you enroll!

I am completely new to paint making. Is this course appropriate for me?

Yes! This course was actually made for you. I will walk you through the entire process of earth pigment paint-making so absolutely no prior knowledge is required.

Do I need to be an oil painter to enjoy this course? What if I work with acrylics or watercolors?

Great question. While I demonstrate how to make oil paint in this course, the Resource Guide, which will be sent your way in the welcome email, will have detailed information about using earth pigments to make acrylics paints and watercolor paints as well. So when you go to follow along with the paint-making process, simply substitute the oil I use for whichever medium you prefer. The rest of the process is the same!

Do you have another question?

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Email me at