This course changed the way I paint and it changed my presence in my local art world. Everyone needs to take this course. Danielle is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your technique with us.


This totally unique
watercolor course will empower
you to:
  • Tap into your intuitive creative process and paint landscapes freely and loosely in a way that feels nourishing and fulfilling 

  • Master the basic principles of watercolors that will form a strong foundation for you to build upon with advanced techniques 

  • Understand how to work with limited and more diverse color palettes, including warm and cool color combinations, without creating a muddy mess

  • Learn to consider composition, perspective, and negative space principles in creating expansive and realistic landscapes

  • Learn how to consistently create work that is visually pleasing, emotionally evocative and deeply fulfilling 

I think you'll love this course.

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I have bought a ton of courses over the last few years but yours is the first that I’ve actually been able to really get into. It’s helped me tremendously with my growth as an artist.


Join us inside 

Mastering Mood is an 8-week course that will help you master watercolor painting and create BEAUTIFUL, inspiring landscapes.

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The movement of watercolors has a way of reconnecting us with the calm and open parts of ourselves–with our creative intuition... from there we can make soulful art that comes from a deeper, more authentic place... and the process is filled with child-like wonder and joy.


What is the format of the course?

The course is 100% digital and includes a mix of video tutorials & downloadable PDF files. So all you'll need is internet access & your recommended art supplies.

When can I start the course?

All 8 modules will be available as soon as you enroll.


How long will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you can sign back into your account for a lifetime. 

Do you offer any discounts on this course for students in your former "Online Classroom"?

Yes! All current Danielle Lanslots Online Classroom students are eligible for a 50% off discount code. Please contact me for more information. 

I am completely new to watercolors painting. Is this course appropriate for me?

Absolutely. In fact, I've created a bonus module just for total beginners. There you'll find all the tools you'll need to understand the fundamental watercolor principles & techniques of painting with watercolors.

Can I get a refund if I don't enjoy the course?

Refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me using the form below to discuss.

Do you have another question?

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Simply submit the form below or email me at hello@daniellelanslots.com

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An 8-week curriculum...

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and follow at your own pace

Module 1. The Layered Wash Technique

Learn my proprietary Layered Wash Technique and begin creating misty, semi-abstract landscape backgrounds using a limited color palette.


This module starts with TWO BONUS LESSONS for absolute beginners or experienced artists seeking a refresher.

This module includes 12 video lessons and covers:

  • Watercolor Supplies and Materials

  • Basic Principles and Techniques 

  • The Layered Wash Technique 

Week 1

Module 2. Introducing a Colorful Palette

Now that you've learned how to create layered landscapes, let's spice things up and add more color. Follow along as I layer multiple colors and even complementary colors to create subtle nuances in my landscapes, without creating a muddy mess.


This module contains A BONUS LESSON where I demonstrate multiple ways to flatten your paintings once they've dried.

This module includes 10 video lessons and covers:

  • Adding More Color to the Layered Wash Technique

  • Working with Yellow

  • Flattening Your Watercolor Painting

Week 2

Module 3. Painting the Forest

Having painted the misty contours of your landscape, create pleasantly unexpected contrast in your landscapes with highly detailed elements. In this module, you'll learn how to paint coniferous and deciduous tree silhouettes. 


This module contains A BONUS LESSON where I show you how to add dimension to your silhouetted trees and bring them to the foreground.

This module includes 4 video lessons and covers:

  • Painting Finely Detailed Evergreen Trees

  • Painting Deciduous Trees in Winter 

  • Loosening the Grip: Painting More Evergreens

Week 3

Module 4. Understanding Composition & Assembling Your Landscape

When we paint landscapes from our imagination instead of photos, it can be challenging to know how to incorporate trees and other focal points so that the landscape looks realistic. In this module, you'll learn the rules of composition in art and learn to effortlessly apply them to create evocative and eye-catching landscapes. 

This module includes 4 video lessons and covers:

  • The Rules of Composition

  • The Rule of Thirds

  • Assembling the Composition

  • Adding Trees to Your Landscape

Week 4

Week 5

Module 5. Adding by Taking Away

Negative space in a painting is space that is intentionally left unpainted to create a desired effect. I have found that this technique can be a bit tricky to use as it requires some planning. But it is also wonderful for creating expansive vistas and distinctive landscape features. 

This module includes 11 video lessons and covers:

  • Using Negative Space to Create an Expansive Vista

  • Using Negative Space to Create a Landscape Feature

Module 6. Painting a Dramatic Sky

Sometimes the sky is the most dynamic & intriguing part of a landscape. Bravely use high-contrast color combinations to create expansive skies that immediately catch the eye. In this module, we'll apply the Layered Wash Technique to painting intriguing stormy and night skies. 

This module includes 12 video lessons and covers:

  • Painting a Stormy Sky

  • Painting a Night Sky 

  • Adding Stars to a Night Sky

Sometimes the sky is the most dynamic & intriguing part of a landscape. Bravely use high-contrast color combinations to create expansive skies that immediately catch the eye. In this module, we'll apply the Layered Wash Technique to painting intriguing stormy and night skies. 

Week 6

Module 7. Painting Sunlight

Dark, stormy skies are evocative and often create real emotion in landscapes. But direct sunlight, painted with rich warm colors can actually do the same. Learn how to incorporate a blazing sun near dusk or dawn, and lift out paint to create rays of light as they peek through the trees.

This module includes 8 video lessons and covers:

  • Painting Direct Sunlight

  • Painting Trees in Direct Sunlight

  • Lifting out Sunrays

Week 7

Week 8

Module 8. Reflections in Still Water

Mastering the Layered Wash Technique paves the way for creating dynamic water scenes that stir the soul, too. Learn to create gorgeous, realistic tree-line reflections on calm water. 


This module contains A BONUS LESSON about framing your watercolor paintings once they are finished.

This module includes 5 video lessons and covers:

  • Reflections in Still Water

  • Adding Distinctive Trees to the Still Water Reflection

  • Framing Your Paintings

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  • Learn everything you need to know all the technical aspects of watercolor painting while working with your mindset and intuitive creative process

  • Get lifelong access to the course, including any bonus modules that are added in the future 

Course Copyright Disclaimer for All Students 

Please understand that my watercolor work is copyrighted. When all of the elements in my paintings come together, they have a very specific and unique aesthetic. The relationship I have with galleries and my collectors rely on the integrity of my brand. This is compromised when other people begin creating work that looks like mine and selling it as their own. Therefore, you may not sell the work you create in this course as though it is your own original art. However, you may surely share it on your social media account! I just ask that you tag me (@daniellelanslots.studio), and use the hashtag #masteringmood, and I would even be happy to share your work with my audience. 


To reiterate, my intention for offering this course is not to encourage you to start your own creative business, it is simply to aid you in finding the joy of painting. For more information about creating authentic art, I recommend checking out Emily Jefford's podcast episode here. As an artist and educator, she speaks eloquently on this topic. To learn more about the guidelines of copying other artists check out her other podcast episode here.