From Earth to Palette

Foraging pigment & making paint for an ever-evolving, inspiring creative process

As a child, I loved being outside. And as an adult, I love it all the same but I have found the timeless playfulness aspect of being with nature to be more elusive. Painting has always been a very playful and joyful experience but I have found that it can quickly become too serious when there isn't a clear intention to explore and have fun with it. 

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All artwork, sold or otherwise, belongs solely to Danielle Lanslots and is protected by Federal Copyright Law. Images, artwork, and other contents may not be copied, altered, or used for personal or professional gain without written consent from Danielle Lanslots.


For students:

Students enrolled in Danielle Lanslots Studio courses may copy artwork only within the context of the course in which they are officially enrolled. Artwork created within the course or in direct correlation with it may not be sold or included in the student's art portfolio and must be credited to Danielle Lanslots if shared on any social platform.