This beautiful little painting is 12x16 inches, and 0.75 inches thick. Made with oil paint on stretched canvas and sealed with Retouching Varnish. Can be purchased with or without a simple maple wood frame. 


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All the Right Ways, 12x16 inches

  • All of the paintings in the collection were created with foraged pigments that I collected throughout Colorado in the form of soils and rocks. 

    My process for creating paint has been a sort of spiritual pilgrimage back to the earth. As a child, I spent many hours digging for rocks and nature treasures. It’s been completely invigorating to apply that childhood passion to my adult passion and livelihood. 

    The process of foraging pigments is quite intuitive, and involves a careful seeking out of clay soils and rocks that are beautiful, but also soft enough to break down into a fine powder. Luckily, Colorado is known for its rich and impressive ochre clays. Once I started recognizing pigment, I couldn’t help but track the subtle color variations in earth materials during hikes and drives along Rockies.

    After I've collected a large sampling of soil, I process it carefully to remove all plant debris and hard rock material. By the end of a series of water levigation steps, only the finest pigment powder remains. Earth pigments, such as the deep reds and yellows found in my paintings, are interestingly among the most lightfast colors available to professional artists.