About Ancestral Land

Colorado is high desert country— a land of clay. The most enamoring ocher soils are visible in all directions. Warm reds, oranges, earthy yellows, earth kissed by the bright sun directly. We can read about the history of our land and learn the names of all of peoples that lived before us, and all of the things that happened there. But when we enter into nature and allow ourselves to open to the vibration of the land, we can “know” from a deeper place. We can feel it all directly for ourselves, the then and the now. Ancestral Land was painted almost entirely with foraged Colorado pigments, which were made from a handful of colorful rocks and soils.


This painting comes with a tiny glass vial that holds a sample of the foraged rocks or soils that were used to create the colors used to make it. It also comes wrapped in gorgeous branded packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.




This work was painted on 300 lb Arches Coldpress watercolor paper, with a combination of artist-grade and locally foraged pigments. It was sealed with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium to protect it and to bring out the gorgeous earth tones of the rock and soil-based paints. It measures 4x6 inches. 


To frame your painting with a matboard
This painting measures slightly smaller than the listed size of 4x6 inches. If you choose to frame it yourself, I would recommend using a mat board that has an opening size of 3.5x5.5 inches. Your painting look beautiful inside a standard 8x10 inch frame if you’d like some extra space around it, or a smaller frame of 5x7 inches if you like a more snug look.


Making sure your hands are clean, align the painting behind the mat board so that the image is aligned through the opening. Use non-yellowing archival tape to secure the painting to the mat board. You’ll be able to remove it in the future if needed. That's it! You're ready to place it inside a frame. 



Please note that the accessories  in these images, including matboards and frames, are not for sale. 


Ancestral Land, 4x6 inches

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