About Awake in Me

To me, subtle, earthy purples and violets are incredibly calming to work with. And the way they manifest on paper into a finished painting retains the calm of the process. I have not yet found any purple or violet pigments in the wild and had to lean on some artist paints for this work. However, as with every painting I create, seeming monochrome landscapes are made from a whole range of pigments that work together in subtle ways. The lighter gray and light brown tones in the painting come from foraged pigments. Awaken in Me is a meditative piece. It is the epitome of my intention to revive the sacred that lives inside the ordinariness of your every day life. I hope that when you encounter this piece, you’ll feel the bright horizon area inside of yourself as a reminder of the possibility of peace.


This painting comes with a tiny glass vial that holds a sample of the foraged rocks or soils that were used to create the colors used to make it. It also comes wrapped in gorgeous branded packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.




This work was painted on 300 lb Arches Coldpress watercolor paper, with a combination of artist-grade and locally foraged pigments. It was sealed with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium to protect it and to bring out the gorgeous earth tones of the rock and soil-based paints. It measures 5x7 inches. 


To frame your painting with a matboard
Making sure your hands are clean, align the painting behind the mat board so that the image is aligned through the opening. Use non-yellowing archival tape to secure the painting to the mat board. You’ll be able to remove it in the future if needed. That's it! You're ready to place it inside a frame.


Please note that the accessories  in these images, including matboards and frames, are not for sale. 


Awaken in Me, 5x7 inches

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