A collaboration with Ginger and Pearl Jewelry

2 woman artists, 2 unique products, 1 gorgeous gift set

For this holiday season, Grace (the owner of Ginger and Pearl) and I worked together to create a gift set that combines beauty for your walls with gorgeous adornments for your person, because you deserve to be surrounded by art that lifts your spirit.

Winter Solace is about embodying the expansive quietude of the winter season with peaceful blues and clean grays. 

Are you looking to purchase just the earrings or a print?

That's certainly an option.


The gift set includes:

One pair of earrings & one archival print

+ Each pair of earrings is unique

+ Hand-formed findings

+ Limited-edition design

+ Archival prints of the original painting, Winter Solace

+ Available in 5x7" and 8x10"

+ Sized to fit perfectly inside matboards

Or purchase each separately!


Ready to buy yours?


Ginger and Pearl jewelry is the fulfillment of a life long passion of Grace’s for creating beauty through hand-craftsmanship of dainty wares. Her work features hammered and hand shaped precious metals adorned with custom colored and shaped clay pieces, and finely sourced gemstones. Her intent is to create elements that are bold and attractive, simple and beautiful.


Ginger and Pearl jewelry is designed for the customer who loves simple everyday pieces as well as those who like modern statement pieces. Ginger and Pearl is dedicated to providing quality and affordable jewelry for the everyday style-savvy customer. Every item is intended to complement the natural elegance of a woman without overpowering her feminine grace.

Instagram: @gingerandpearl