Oil painting can be tricky, messy, and toxic,
but it doesn't have to be 

Let me show you how!



A simple, straight-forward curriculum that will have you painting faster than you can say,




PS: It's not actually toxic! Click here to learn more ;)


Module 1

01/ Find your bearings. Get the full download on the oil paint
      medium and how to adjust to its unique properties

02/ Master the fundamental rules & guidelines of oil
      painting and create quality work right out the gate

03/ Learn all about pigments, solvents, mediums, and
      so much more with step-by-step instructions for setting up a
      budget-friendly, non-toxic oil painting studio

Module 2

01/ Break the ice! Learn how to actually handle oil paint, from
      preparing your paint on the palette to loading it onto your

02/ Tune your nervous system to the feel of oil painting and
      learn how to hold and move your brush to make
      intentional marks 

03/ Learn to work with  the unique properties of oil paints to
      seamlessly fix mistakes with my tried and true (though
      unexpected) method

Module 3

01/ Follow along as I walk you through every detail of my painting
      process and create a landscape from start to finish

02/ Embrace the blank canvas and use the art of composition to
      guide your process, from the initial marks through the evolution
      of the entire painting

03/ Become fearless in the unplanned, unpredictable creative
      process that is intuitive painting 


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Join us inside
Live Retreat Add-On

There's nothing quite like coming together to create art in real time.


This year I am offering a live half-day retreat and invite you to join me me from the comfort of your own home.

This retreat will take place on:

January 15, 2022

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Your course welcome email will contain a link to enroll in the Live Retreat

IMG_6275 2.jpg
Intuitive creativity is self care (and self love)
Have you vowed to paint more and to do less of what has to be done? To take better care of the parts of you that need the gentleness that creativity offers?

Do you continue to put that promise on the back burner because there is just too much to take care of, too many people to look after, too many obligations to tend to?

Or maybe you do make it into your studio space. But the air feels constricted and the process feels tightly wound like a string around a spool...

Somehow painting is no longer a place of respite, but a new obligation on the to-do list. Another anxiety... 

Enter the medicine of intuitive painting. 

Intuitive painting is about reclaiming art as the place we visit inside of ourselves that's both free and spontaneous and also deeply connected, fulfilling and meaningful. 

It is painting without a plan or a reference. It is painting with an intention.

Releasing expectation, while holding intention

Where expectation is a strong belief that something will happen a certain way, intention is surrender to each moment as it unfolds. Before each session, we connect with our hearts and we set an intention. It's personal, it's beautiful and it's healing. 

Intuitive creativity is inside all of us, it is our birthright. Our process here is not about learning something we don't already know. It's about uncovering what we already do.


Let painting be the very place in our life where we let go of looking for the final destination, and the exact right way to get there. Instead, let's surrender to the not-knowing, breathe, and reconnect with ourselves.


Intuitive creativity is self-care and self-love.



Hold up, Dani. You mentioned that oil paints aren't toxic.

Is this true? Why do I keep hearing this?


Oh my friend! What would be the joy of life if we didn't get to bust some myths every so often? Here's the dealio: contrary to what a lot of people think, oil paint is not inherently toxic! It’s actually just made of powdered pigment and a drying oil, which is a special type of oil that hardens and becomes solid and elastic when it dries. 


Pigments typically come from rocks and minerals, and they can also be made synthetically. They can be toxic if they contain heavy metals, and that’s true whether those pigments are used in oil paints or any other paints, like acrylics and watercolor paints. We just don’t hear about that as often! So in that sense, oil paints aren’t more toxic than other paints that contain these pigments. 

Some of these heavy-metal containing pigments are: lead-white, cadmiums (like cadmium red), and cobalts (like cobalt blue). But then they are only toxic if you breathe in the powdered pigments while mixing your own paint, or if you eat the paint. 

The strong chemical smell and toxicity that people associate with oil painting actually comes from the mediums that people use WITH oil paint. Mediums are only used to alter some of the characteristics of oil paint and so they’re completely optional. Mediums also vary in toxicity depending on their main ingredients. It’s absolutely possible to work with mediums that don’t expose us to harmful fumes. I will give you a detailed description of all the mediums I use and why. 

What is the format of the course?

The course is 100% digital and includes a mix of video tutorials & downloadable PDF files. So all you'll need is internet access & your recommended art supplies. If you decide to join us for the lie retreat, please note that this will also be virtual. We will meet on Zoom! And in the meantime, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed at we can meet in person soon enough!

When can I start?

This course officially opens on Monday, November 22. All course materials will be available then!


How long will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you can sign back into your account for a lifetime.


What will supplies will I need?

Have no fear! It's all written up for you in a beautiful supplementary resource guide. That will pop into your inbox as soon as you enroll!

I am completely new to oil painting. Is this course appropriate for me?

Yes! This course was actually made for you. So if you've never even bought a tube of oil paint, let alone opened one, you're in the exact right place. There you'll find all the tools you'll need to begin painting within a few hours!

I have worked with oils before and know my way around this medium. Is this course appropriate for me?

Ah, great question! If you are seeking a boost of inspiration, this course may be exactly right for you. Intuitive painting truly is medicine for even the most experienced artist! But bear in mind that Modules 1 & 2 might not be so helpful for you as they are both directed towards the absolute beginner.

Do you have another question?

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Simply email me at